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The postal administration of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION asks me to inform you of the following:

'As a member of the Universal Postal Union, the postal administration of the Russian Federation issues postage stamps in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention and the Letter Post Regulations.

"... there has recently appeared on world philatelic markets a large number of illicit stamp issues distributed on behalf of official territorial entities of the Russian Federation. These issues feature 'fashionable' subjects such as political figures, sports celebrities, Hollywood movie stars, etc. The postal administration of the Russian Federation draws your attention to the fact that the regions on whose behalf these stamps have been issued form an integral part of the Russian Federation and that, according to the provisions of the UPU Regulations and Russian Federation legislation, they are not authorized to issue postage stamps independently ..."'

One of those mentioned "official territorial entities" is the Republic of Bashkortostan

Stamp picture
Stamp picture

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