Bernera Islands
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First day of issue: 1984
Occasion: 1984 Winter Olympics,1984,Sarejevo,Yugoslavia
Width: 38 mm
Height: 38 mm
Perforation: Perforated 14.00 x 13.75
Location: Ice Hockey Volume V
Stamp ID = 122

From Britain's "Stamp & Coin Mart" magazine section on Britain's local stamps.

Bernera Islands
Location: Part of the Western Isles, off the north west coast of Scotland

Stamps: A range of stamps have been issued over the years, celebrating events such as the 1997 handover of Hong Kong back to China, the death of Princess Diana, and the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. Most major royal occasions for the past thirty years have been featured on Bernera Islands stamps.

Contact: Bernera Islands local stamps are available from dealers, with prices starting at a few pounds, up to hundredsof pounds for original artwork.