Germany, Berlin
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First day of issue: 1983
Width: 104 mm
Height: 74 mm
Location: Ice Hockey Volume LIII
Stamp ID = 6165

Failed proposed designs for a 1983 series of German stamps in honor of sports. The winning design was geb-19830412-s-001.

At the top of the page in German we have

Nicht zur Ausführung gekommen Entwürfe
zur Sonderpostwertzeichen-Serie


Drafts not carried out
to the special postage stamp series

At the bottom of the page in German we have

Offizieller Farbsonderdruck der Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe


Official special color print by the German Sports Aid Foundation

From Linn's "Stamp Issuing Entities Of The World" page.

Berlin (1948-90)
Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 1.8 million. The capital of Prussia and, after 1871, of Germany. Surrounded by the Soviet Zone of Occupation, Berlin was divided into U.S., British, French and Soviet sectors in 1945. In 1948, political tension brought the creation of the zones of West (Allied) Berlin and East (Soviet) Berlin. The two zones each issued separate series of stamps, the East Zone in 1945 (the "Berlin Bears") and the West Zone from 1945 until 1990. Stamps of West Berlin were discontinued in 1990, with the reunion of the two Germanys, and they became obsolete December 31, 1991.

Courtesy of Peter Gassmann.