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First day of issue: April 17, 1990
Occasion: 1990 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships,1990,,Switzerland
Width: 88 mm
Height: 26 mm
Location: Ice Hockey Volume LXXXVIII
Stamp ID = 6143

This is a test run of the meter. See the note at the bottom of the envelope. No evidence that the meter was ever used.

From Linn's "Stamp Issuing Entities Of The World" page.

Switzerland (1850-)
Stamp-issuing status: active; Population: 7,248,984 (1997 estimate). A land-locked federation in central Europe, situated between France, Germany, Austria and Italy. The country has three official languages: German, French and Italian.

In addition from Wikepedia
Romansh has been recognized as a national language of Switzerland since 1938, and as an official language in correspondence with Romansh-speaking citizens since 1996, along with German, French, and Italian.

Courtesy of Kon Sokolyk.